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S.J. Parascandolo


Photo Gallery - Fieldway

Copyright for all pictures belongs to the credited photographer. If you wish to use images for anything other than for personal use, please contact the webmaster first.

To see the pre-opening gallery, click here.

Track Diagram
Take the tram to:     Addington Village    King Henry's Drive   

Track removed west of Fieldway

By: S.J.Parascandolo

Date: 24/07/2005

ID: 1526

Track Moving Machine at Fieldway

By: S.J.Parascandolo

Date: 24/07/2005

ID: 1525

Track Moving Machine near Fieldway

By: S.J.Parascandolo

Date: 24/07/2005

ID: 1524

2550 (First Group) in the sun at Fieldway with a New Addington service

By: S.J.Parascandolo

Date: 19/06/2000

ID: 875

Cab View - Fieldway Inbound

By: S.J.Parascandolo

Date: 13/05/2000

ID: 879

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