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S.J. Parascandolo


Destination Blinds

The trams destination blinds (1 on each End plus 1 on the right hand side near the front in direction of travel) are controlled by the trams on board IBIS computer, which also controls the passenger destination announcements and Internal Next stop displays within the saloon.

The original blinds had ALL CAPS destinations and did not comply with the Disability Discrimination Act. New Blinds have now been fitted with Mixed Case text to meet the regulations. The old blinds had "odd" destinations in addition to ones you would expect - See below. It is not know what happened to the original blinds - At least 96 must be somewhere!

Current Blinds | Original Blinds | Odd Destinations


Current Blinds

You can now download the blinds as a PDF file or as a working Scroller (requires Java Aplet).
Thanks to Tom Martin for the PDF and Blind Scroller.

The current blinds are of the following types: -

Black background with yellow dayglow text for main terminal points with the route number on the right hand side. Via Points are smaller and below the destination.
The same style without the route number for "Special"

Yellow dayglow background with black text for route numbers and destinations short of the terminii - Basically everywhere where a tram can be turned back. 1

White background with black Text for "Driver Under Instruction", "Not in Service" and "Tram Towing"/"Tram on tow".

The current List of Destinations, in Order are shown below: -

() Destinations in Brackets are via Points shown below Main Destination Yellow on Black in smaller text.
& = Black on White
* = Yellow on Black All others are Black on Yellow

[Blank] &
Sorry, not in service &
Wimbledon 1 (Croydon Mitcham Junction) *
Elmers End 1 (Mitcham Junction Croydon) *
Therapia Lane 1
Merton Park 1
Morden Road 1
Phipps Bridge 1
Mitcham 1
Mitcham Junction 1
Beddington Lane 1
Wandle Park 1
Reeves Corner 1
West Croydon 1
East Croydon 1
Sandilands 1
Addiscombe 1
Arena 1
Sorry, not in service &
West Croydon 2 (Woodside Addiscombe) *
Beckenham Jcn 2 (Addiscombe Woodside) *
Beddington Lane 2 (East Croydon) *
Therapia Lane 2
East Croydon 2
Sandilands 2
Addiscombe 2
Arena 2
Harrington Road 2
Avenue Road 2
Beckenham Road 2
Sorry, not in service &
West Croydon 3 (Addington Lloyd Park) *
New Addington 3 (Lloyd Park Addington) *
Beddington Lane 3 (East Croydon) *
Therapia Lane 3
East Croydon 3
Sandilands 3
Lloyd Park 3
Addington Village 3
Special *
Driver under instruction &
Tram on tow &
Tram towing &
[Blank] &


Destinations on Original Blinds

These are not in order.

Route 1
Beddington Lane
East Croydon
Elmers End
Merton Park
Mitcham Junction
Phipps Bridge
Reeves Corner
Therapia Lane
Wandle Park
West Croydon

Route 2
Avenue Road
Beckenham Junction
Beckenham Road
Beddington Lane
East Croydon
Harrington Road
Therapia Lane
West Croydon

Route 3
Addington Village
Beddington Lane
East Croydon
Lloyd Park
New Addington
Therapia Lane
West Croydon

Route 4
Morden Station
Sutton Station

Route 7
Acton Tram Depot
Shepherds Bush

Route 16
Croydon George Street
Streatham Underground Station

Driver Under Instruction
Sorry Not in Service


The 'Odd' Destinations

Lots of People have asked why the strange destinations. The idea is to promote possible extensions or other Light Rail schemes for London. These Include the Purley and Sutton extensions, Trams on the Uxbridge Road, and the East London Line extension - Hence Streatham Underground Station!

The Head of Intermediate modes at TfL and former Head of Tramlink at LT, Scott Mc Intosh, says: - "The trams have such 'optimistic' destinations because;

a the operator [CentreWest] has a number of enthusiasts on its staff
b they want to show an interest in Tramlink extensions and in other systems here in London
c its good free publicity amongst enthusiasts

It is for the same reason that the cars in Croydon are numbered on in the old LT tram number sequence. Not so much 'all new' as a continuation from where we left off.........there is some sentiment and a sense of humour in the industry."

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