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S.J. Parascandolo


Tram Adverts

In order to gain additional revenue, Croydon has followed the continental practice of selling all over advert liveries. Five have so far been applied, all as vynals that can be removed. The contracts on these are now expiring. Whitgift's advert will stay but the others are all being removed over the comming weeks.

There have been rumours of more to come with some suggestions of companies sponsoring new interiors too. Any progress will be reported when information is available.

In addition to the all over adverts, trams without all over liveries have high level side adverts. In early 2001, Low Level adverts were applied for Abbey National. Further adverts of this type may follow.

TDI Media manage the adverts on behalf of TramTrack Croydon Ltd. All the adverts with the exception of 2550 (First Group) have been applied by TDI. First Group's advert was done in house and the result is lots of bubbles and an advert that quite literally blows away in the wind!

All over adverts on Public Transport is something of a controversial subject even with enthusiasts. Personally, I feel it adds interest to the system and adverts such as 2542 (Amey) are very photogenic.

Addington Palace | Amey | First Group | Nescafe | Whitgift | Side Adverts | Low Level Adverts


Addington Palace

2531 (Addington Palace) - Addiscombe Road
© S.J.Parascandolo

Tram: 2531

Applied: 15/16th January 2000

Removed: (current)


Amey Construction

2542 (Amey) - Sandilands
© S.J.Parascandolo

Tram: 2542

Applied: 8th/9th October 1999

Removed: Part Removed early October 2001 (currently a mess!)


First Group

2550 (First Group) - Fieldway
© S.J.Parascandolo

Tram: 2550

Applied: 15/16th April 2000

Removed: 13th/14th October 2001



2533 (Nescafe) - Therapia Lane
© S.J.Parascandolo

Tram: 2533

Applied: 4th/5th September 1999

Removed: (current)

Croydon is not alone with a Nescafe Tram - For more details, Click Here.


Whitgift Shopping Centre, Croydon

2546 (Whitgift) - Merton Park
© S.J.Parascandolo

Tram: 2546

Applied: 6/7th November 1999

Removed: (current)


High Level Side Adverts

2543 - Coombe Lane with High Level Adverts
© S.J.Parascandolo


Low Level Side Adverts

2545 - Beckenham Junction with Low Level Abbey National Adverts
© S.J.Parascandolo

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