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S.J. Parascandolo

News Guidelines

All news published on this site on, or after 1st January 2006 will be written, and edited in accordance with these self-imposed guidelines. If you feel a story breaks these guidelines, please contact me immediately.

News contained within the archive does not necessarily comply with these guidelines. However, the news archive has been reviewed following recent legal threats, and a number of stories have been edited, or removed entirely as a result. No attempt has been made to make historical news comply with these guidelines.

Please also read the Site Disclaimer.

1. Items which may be reported

Any news, relating to the history, operation, and future of trams in Croydon, or news from other places which may have an impact on trams in Croydon, or comparison to them, subject to the following verification: -

- News which has previously been reported by, or made publicly available by recognised national, regional, local or specialist media, or a recognised organisation or body such as LRTA, South London Partnership, or the Rail Accident Investigation Branch.

- News which has been received from, or verified by a company's Press Office, Spokesperson, or Manager believed to be speaking "on the record" in that communication.

- News which has been verified by photographic evidence, regardless of source, even if that evidence is not published.

- News verified by two or more sources within different organisations of "Tramlink" and/or independent members of the public.

- News which I have gathered first hand from visits.

- News from a single source relating to infrastructure or vehicle changes of a nature which could be verified by any casual enthusiast with a knowledge of the previous state of the infrastructure or vehicle.

2. Speculation

Speculation will be reported on incidents subject to the same verification as news items, providing it is not ruled out by section 3 (below). In all cases, speculation will clearly identified as such, usually by a heading such as "Speculation:". I believe that if the cause of a minor incident is obvious, it should be reported to deflect incorrect judgements made by the public when presented only with an "under investigation" statement, the outcome of which is rarely reported.

Speculation should never be regarded as fact until confirmed as news and should never be regarded as a primary source of information. Speculation will be removed (not edited) without question if any complaint or report of error is received.

3. Items which will NOT be reported

- Any speculation relating to incidents which based on my assessment of the RAIB Quick Guide to reporting accidents and incidents on UK Railways, fall into Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 for RAIB reporting. Speculation will be removed if I am notified that an incident is more serious than I assessed.

- News which has not been verified in accordance with section 1 (above).

- Items in which I have, or could be seen to have, any professional connection with.

- Any cost, or price figure, or any story referring to current or planned legal action, or any proposed new or amended contracts or tenders, unless reported by other media organisations, or on a corporate website.

- Any news relating to specific employees of "Tramlink" (awards and praise excepted).

- Any news relating to disciplinary action against "Tramlink" employees, or any union action, discussion, or dispute, unless reported by other media organisations, or on a corporate, or union website.

- April Fool's Stories or any other spoof or false reports.

4. Background, Comment and Opinion

Any information which is not factual news, but instead gives background information, and personal comment and opinion on an issue will clearly identified as such, usually by a heading such as "Comment:".

All background information, comment and opinion should be regarded as such - it does not necessarily represent fact and should never be considered as a primary source of information. Any ideas, suggestions or criticism should be regarded as a personal opinion only.

Notification and correction of errors

If any information published on this website is incorrect or erroneous in any way, you must notify me immediately in writing by direct email, or using Feedback Form and state : -

1. The full URL where the incorrect information was found.
The information, or material that is incorrect.
3. The nature of the error, and if possible, the correct information.
4. Your name, company or organisation, and position.
5. Your contact email address and/or telephone number..

I commit to remove (temporarily or permanently), or edit (subject to checking of facts), or post a correction or retraction, for any notified error within 48 hours of reading the email, unless prevented from doing so by technical failures, or incapacity.

This website represents my personal opinion only
This website is my personal website, produced as a hobby as an individual. Any views, or opinions expressed within this website are my own, and not those of my employer, or any other individual, company, or organisation unless explicitly stated otherwise.

If you have any further queries regarding these guidelines, please contact me.

Stephen Parascandolo
Webmaster and News Editor
31st December 2005

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