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S.J. Parascandolo


Ticketing for Enthusiasts

This Page is an extension of the Ticketing Page with historical information on the changes to the Tramlink ticketing system and photos of the tickets and machines. The Ticketing Page is designed primarily for passengers.

Tramlink Ticketing History

Tramlink ticketing has changed a number of times.

When the system was being planned, it was envisaged that ticketing would be point to point fares from one stop to another stop with a variety of fares based entirely on distance travelled.

However, by the time the system opened in May 2000, zonal fares were becoming increasingly used in London. As a result, Tramlink started with point to point fares but just two fares in use. Journeys from East of Wandle Park to anywhere to the East or West as far as the Zone 3/4 boundary at Merton Park were 90p. Fares that crossed the boundary to stops West of Merton Park were £1.30. A concession existed to allow a 90p fare between stations west of Wandle Park. Bus Passes were strictly not permitted on trams and a £2.80 Bus and Tram ticket allowed travel on both modes.

A big change came on 19th August 2001, when the Point to Point ticketing system was scapped. Zonal tickets were introduced with Zone 4 tickets for journyes within Zone 4 at 90p. Zone 3 & 4 tickets covering any journey at £1.30 and the concession was kept on the Wimbledon line with "Zone 3 (up to Wandle Park)" tickets at 90p from stations West of Merton Park and Zone 3 and 4 tickets priced at 90p between Wandle Park and Merton Park. Bus and Tram passes were made available on the machines, together with through ticketing to LUL via Wimbledon. Previously, Bus and Tram passes were only available from PASS agents.

On 4th January 2004 a further major change took place with the introduction of a flat fare ticketing system. This brought Tramlink into line with London Bus fares. A £1 flat fare was introduced for all journeys. And, the Bus and Tram pass was scapped as a result of Bus Passes being permitted on Tramlink in the Zones that they cover. In addition, any travelcard covering any of Zones 3, 4, 5, or 6 was made valid on any part of Tramlink. And Free travel for Under 11s was introduced with photocards to prove age.

Oyster PrePay was the next development, launched on 16th May 2004. PrePay Oystercards are available at Ticket agents, including the Tramlink shop for a 3 returnable deposit. Once you have one, or if you already have an Oystercard, you can charge "PrePay" credit to that card at ticket agents or Underground stations or online at oystercard.com. When travelling on a tram, you must touch the Oystercard on the reader at the stop before boarding. This will deduct 70p (note you save 30% by using oyster over a normal cash fare) from your credit and you can board the tram. Oyster currently has some unusual restrictions on use when changing to feeder buses or using Wimbledon station to exit. It also can't cope with changing trams well. These problems and the introduction of price capping is expected to be introduced soon.

From January 2005, Fares rose to £1.20 single cash and 80p Oyster. However, Peak Oyster fares were introduced, for travel 0630 - 0900, costing £1 single. Price capping is now in force capping to the value of a One Day Bus Pass.

From July 2005, the Penalty Fare increased to £30, reduced to £20 if paid within 15 days.

From 1st September 2005, Free travel was introduced for Under 16s, subject to having a Child Oyster Photocard for over 14s (or over 11s going to Wimbledon which has ticket barriers). Child Fares retained for Student and New Deal discounts, and children without photocards, including those withdrawn for misuse.

From 2nd January 2006, Child Fares were withdrawn on paper tickets with 16-17 Students and New Deal discounts only available on Oyster at 40p Off Peak, 50p Peak. Cash Fares increased to £1.50 single to encourage transfer to Oyster ticketing.

From 2nd January 2006, Cash Fares rose to £2 single, £4 return (50p Single for Child Fares which remained available on machines). Oyster Off Peak was withdrawn resulting in all Oyster Fares being £1 single, £2 return. Child fares modified again to allow free travel for 16-17 year old London residents in full time education if holding the relevant Oyster Photocard. A separate Photocard enables and 16-17 year old to claim Child Rate fares (purchased on Oyster).

Ticket Machines

All Stops have Schlumberger ticket machines like the one below (photographed at Mitcham). The machines feature an electronic display and are operated by a simple toggle wheel. This system is similar in design to that presently in use on the Docklands Light Railway and on SNCF, and is remarkably easy to use.

Ticket Machine Ticket Machine Screen
Croydon Tramlink Ticket Machine
(c) 2001 S.J.Parascandolo
Ticket Machine Screen - Wimbledon
(c) 2001 S.J.Parascandolo

Wimbledon stop was fitted with an additional machine, operational from 24th August 2000. This is a Metric Accent Machine and issues SINGLE tickets only FROM Wimbledon. It is located on the platform to save time when transferring from other services. The correct money is inserted and the button pressed. No change is given and the ticket issued is of a different design to other Tramlink Tickets.

Metric Accent Ticket Machine Oyster Reader
Metric Accent Machine at Wimbledon
(c)2000 S.J.Parascandolo
OysterCard Reader - Therapia Lane
(c) 2004 S.J.Parascandolo

As well as machines at each stop, there is a machine in the Tramlink Shop in George Street. This was turned on before opening to enable enthusiasts to purchase tickets. The Machine in the shop issues tickets from East Croydon. All machines are remotely monitored by the Control Room where data from them is collected. Securitas have the contract to collect money from the machines and they are emptied daily.

To facilitate Oyster PrePay, Oyster readers are provided at tramstops, connected to a system at Therapia Lane which then communicates with the TfL Oystercard systems.

The Tickets


The original design was poor with the writing too small for ticket inspection. The revised design is a big improvement. Two errors noticed on a trial version of the software were Addiscombe Road rather than Addiscombe and Phipps Lane rather than Phipps Bridge. The update has corrected these and has also changed Addington Village to Addington+Bus which is valid onto Feeder Buses T31, T32 and T33. Standard tickets now have advertising on the reverse side.

From Sunday 19th August 2001, Zonal tickets were introduced, vastly simplifying the options on the menus speeding up ticket purchase.

Ticket Examples - Tramlink Issued One Day Tram/Bus Pass, Zone Extension Ticket,
Tramlink Zone 4 Ticket, LT issued Tram/Bus Pass
(c) 2001 S.J.Parascandolo

Ticket Ticket
Older Ticket Examples - Original Sample from Tramlink Shop,
Revised Design but with Phipps Lane, not Phipps Bridge!
(c) 2001 S.J.Parascandolo
Ticket Ticket
Refund Receipt Ticket - These are issued if insufficient Change is available.
Metric Accent Issued Ticket from Wimbledon

Wayfarer Ticket
Ticket Examples - Wayfarer Issued Ticket. Tramlink RPIs have portable machines for use at large events or if both machines fail at a stop.
(c) 2001 S.J.Parascandolo

Penalty Fares

A Penalty Fare is issued on Paper. Here is a copy of one - in this case from Fieldway to New Addington and the inspector has decided to simply charge the normal fare, rather than the Penalty.

Penalty Fare Notice - Front

Penalty Fare Notice - Back


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